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Introduction of Anti-Shock Rubber Pad

 The rubber bearing is a kind of plate rubber bearing product to meet the needs of modern architecture. It solves the horizontal displacement of large span structures due to temperature changes. The net frame rubber support is made of multi-layer rubber sheet and multi-layer reinforced steel plate through compression and vulcanization, with enough vertical steel degree to support the vertical load of the upper structure. At the same time, through its good elasticity and large shear deformation, it can meet the thrust of the support structure caused by the temperature change of the superstructure, and play the role of shock absorption and vibration isolation through the energy dissipation of the rubber support of the grid structure. The positioning through hole of the rubber support of the grid support is fixed on the support structure through bolts.
The arrangement of rubber pads is mainly related to the structure of the bridge: generally, the following basic principles should be considered when setting the supports:
1. When the superstructure is a spatial structure, the rubber pad should be able to adapt to both the longitudinal and transverse deformation of the bridge.
2. Rubber pad must be able to reliably transfer vertical and horizontal reaction.
3. The rubber pad shall make the longitudinal and lateral displacements caused by the deformation of the beam as unrestrained as possible.
4. When the bridge is located on the flat slope, it is advisable to fix the rubber pad on the front platform of the main driving direction;
5. The rubber pad should be set in the place where there is a large counterforce of the pad.
6. Several rubber pads on the same bridge pier shall have similar rotational stiffness.
In a word, the arrangement principle of bridge rubber pad is not only to facilitate the transfer of support reaction, but also to make the rubber pad fully adapt to the free deformation of beam.
Classification of rubber pads:
1. According to whether there is any medium, it can be divided into varieties such as pure rubber gasket and clamping metal skeleton rubber sheet;
2. According to usage, it can be divided into industrial rubber board and rubber floor.
3. According to physical and chemical properties, it can be divided into: laminated rubber board, insulating rubber board, oil-resistant rubber board, acid-resistant alkali resistant rubber board, strip-resistant rubber board, block anti-skid rubber board, asbestos rubber board, oil-resistant asbestos rubber board.
4. According to the color and surface treatment, it can be divided into: black rubber sheet, green rubber board, red rubber board, white rubber board, yellow rubber board, blue rubber board, gray rubber board, ultra-wide rubber board.

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