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Reasons for Rubber Used as Shock Absorber

Because of its superior performance and low cost, it has been widely used in all walks of life and shows a strong product competitiveness. With what advantages does rubber shock absorber have such a large market competitiveness?
Rubber is an ideal wire rope shock absorber material used for vibration reduction and has damping effect on vibration. Rubber is characterized by high elasticity and high viscosity. The interaction between rubber molecules hinders the movement of molecular chains and exhibits viscous characteristics, resulting in the unbalance of stress and strain.

Rubber has great linear flexibility, can be stretched to break without losing its elasticity, and can withstand alternating stress without fatigue. Rubber is the same as water. It can not be compressed at all. After compression, only elastic deformation occurs, but its volume remains unchanged. The compressive strength of rubber is much greater than the tensile strength. The elongation of rubber is usually about six times longer than the contraction interval. When rubber is stretched or compressed, its natural oscillation frequency is not the same.

The long-chain molecular structure of rubber and the weak secondary force between the molecules make the rubber vibration absorber material used have the same viscoelastic function, so they have excellent shock absorption, sound insulation and cushioning functions. Rubber components are widely used to block vibration and absorb shock, that is, because of their hysteresis, damping and reversible large deformation characteristics.

In addition, rubber also has hysteresis and internal conflict characteristics. They usually use the loss factor to show that the greater the loss factor, the more significant the rubber damping and heat generation, and the more significant the shock absorption effect. In summary, rubber also has excellent shock absorption.

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