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Working Characteristics of Rubber Shock Isolator

Rubber shock isolator bears less vibration than spring shock absorber, but since this product is produced, it absolutely has its unique characteristics and unique use.

In fact, rubber shock isolator has a great advantage in high frequency vibration isolation effect. This is because rubber isolator rubber itself is a high elastic and viscoelastic. In this way, it can withstand high frequency vibration, so rubber isolators are most used in transportation.

Rubber shock isolator has remarkable effect on reducing vibration and noise of mechanical equipment and eliminating noise transmission of pipeline system. It further eliminates the influence of sound bridge on structural buildings. Suspended rubber isolator is a kind of vibration reduction measure that can not be ignored. It has larger deformation range and lower natural frequency.

The working temperature of rubber shock isolator is - 15 ~70. When the temperature changes, the stiffness also changes. Damping ratio C/CO > 0.07. For pumps, compressors, fans, refrigerators, generators, diesel engine sets and other mechanical equipment, active vibration isolation and instrument negative vibration isolation have a good effect.

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