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Vibration Isolation and Noise Reduction Wire Rope Isolator Damping for Medical Equipment

The wire rope isolators damping is made by winding the wire rope into a spiral shape and fixing it between two metal plates arranged along the nut. It is a new type of vibration isolator with non-linear characteristics and dry friction damping. The wire rope winded by multiple strands of steel wires in a certain direction is used as an elastic element, which has obvious hysteresis characteristics. Its energy dissipation comes from friction, extrusion and slip between steel wires.

JGX-0400D-37A wire rope isolators damping is a type of JGX-0400 series wire rope isolators damping. The model is made of 4.0mm diameter steel wire rope winding 10 circles along the upper and lower splints. The maximum static load it can bear is 37 kg. It has the properties of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc. It is suitable for vibration isolation and buffering of airborne, vehicular and shipborne electronic, mechanical equipment, computers and instruments, safety protection of missile and satellite delivery, navigation and launching systems, and vibration isolation and buffering of machinery, electronic equipment and facilities in harsh environments such as high and low temperature and chemical pollution.

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