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Overview of the Vibration Isolation of the Elevator

With the rapid development of China's economy, the elevator market is extremely prosperous, with an annual demand of more than 40,000 units, making it the most active market in the world.

An elevator is a stationary lifting device that serves a defined floor. It has a car that runs between at least two columns of rigid rails that are perpendicular or inclined at an angle of less than 15°. The size and structure of the car should be such that passengers can access or load cargo.

Operation Principle of Elevator

The traction elevator is connected to the car through one end of the traction wire rope, and the opposite end is connected to the counterweight balancing device. The gravity of the car and the counterweight causes the traction wire rope to be pressed in the rope groove of the traction sheave. When the motor rotates, the friction between the traction wire rope and the rope groove of the traction sheave drives the wire rope to make the car and the counterweight move relative to each other, so that the car runs up and down along the guide rail in the hoistway. Because China's elevators are greatly affected by Japanese products, people's requirements for elevator comfort are getting higher and higher.

Application of Vibration Isolator in Elevator

How to improve the comfort of elevator operation has become an important issue for all elevator manufacturers.

Many elevator manufacturers randomly select vibration isolators without according to the wire rope isolator selection guide. In fact, the shock isolator plays a very important role in improving the comfort of the elevator.

The vibration isolator generally has three kinds of rubber vibration isolation pads of the traction machine base, vibration isolation springs or rubber vibration isolation pads at the bottom of the car, and wire rope vibration isolators at the top of the car. The vibration isolation pad of the traction machine base has different quality and vibration isolation effect, which directly affects the comfort of the elevator. Especially when the elevator goes up to the top 2 to 4 floor to start and stop, the problem will be outstanding.

The quality of the vibration isolator at the bottom of the car will be directly related to the smooth running of the elevator. If the modulus of elasticity is large and the characteristics are too hard, vibration isolation will not be achieved. It will generate high-frequency vibration, and the human body will feel the feeling of hemp. In severe cases, it will cause high-frequency vibration of the car and generate relatively loud noise. On the contrary, low frequency oscillations will occur, causing the body to sink. Therefore, vibration isolator selection must be rational. The vibration isolation of the wire rope is the same as that of the vibration isolator at the bottom of the car. According to the height of the floor, a wire rope with a reasonable elastic coefficient must be selected.

Under the condition of full load, if the amount of expansion and contraction meets the requirements, a good vibration isolation effect is achieved. In addition, in the high-rise elevator, since the wire rope is long and the degree of tightness is poor, it is easy to cause the wire rope to oscillate at high speed, and the vibration of the car is caused by mutual impact. An effective method is to add a wire rope isolator at the end of the wire rope to effectively absorb the vibration wave of the wire rope and prevent reflection from forming a beat phenomenon.

The Future Development of Vibration Isolators

The development of vibration isolators has received more and more attention. Being a mainstream isolators are resistance-adjustable isolators, especially electronically controlled vibration isolators. The sensor can detect the running state, and the calculating unit calculates the optimal damping force, so that the damping force adjusting mechanism on the vibration isolator automatically works, and the damping force of the damper is adjusted by changing the size of the orifice. The smooth ride comfort and handling stability of the elevator are the main indicators to measure the damping performance, but these two aspects are mutually exclusive performance requirements. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the ideal optimal point between maneuverability and comfort. Therefore, the ideal vibration isolation damping in the future can meet both the smoothness requirement and the steering stability requirements.

In the future, excellent vibration isolators should have the following characteristics: high-precision column plugs, oil seals with good airtightness, high-quality damping oil, and air chamber design filled with high-pressure gas. Of course, it is best to be adjustable.

All in all, as new technologies, new processes, and new materials are applied to the elevator industry, people's attention and requirements for the comfort of elevator operation are constantly increasing, so it is necessary to pay attention to the application of wire rope isolator.

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