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Research and Improvement Trend of Ship Vibration Isolator


Since the 1990s, major naval powers have researched and improved ship vibration isolators from many aspects in accordance with the needs of modern naval warfare. There are roughly the following aspects:

1. Develop low-frequency large deformation vibration isolators to improve the shock absorption capacity of the vibration isolators.

2. Develop a series of vibration isolators with a wide range of equal frequency load to reduce the series and specifications of vibration isolators.

① The stress distribution of the vibration isolator is more reasonable;

②Small size under the same weight;

③The manufacturing becomes simpler and the cost is low. It is estimated that the manufacturing cost can be reduced by about 75% in mass manufacturing;

④The effective bearing range has been significantly expanded;

⑤It has a higher standing wave frequency, which improves the high frequency vibration isolation performance.

3. Develop new vibration isolator materials.

4. Develop a tunable vibration absorber.

5. Apply and research cut-off excitation shock absorber.

It is used to implement three-way impact overload protection for the equipment to ensure that the equipment has no relative displacement with the base under normal conditions. Once subjected to an impact exceeding the specified limit, the acceleration response is small and the displacement is also small. It is mainly used for special high-precision positioning equipment, such as navigation equipment, weapons control and electronic countermeasures equipment.

Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., ltd also has ship vibration isolators-GRY series vibration isolators. They are vibration isolators specially developed to protect ships and can effectively isolate shock and vibration after installation. Moreover, the series of vibration isolators adopt a corrosion-resistant all-metal structure, which is not affected by extreme temperatures, chemicals, engine oil, ozone and abrasives.

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