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Rubber Shock Absorber for Construction Engineering


Due to the inevitable natural disasters such as earthquakes, constructing buildings that are resistant to strong earthquakes is an important issue in the field of construction engineering. At the same time, the increasing traffic density has also led to the vibration transmission as well as noise pollution, and it is also an urgent problem to solve the isolation of vibration and noise in civil construction.

Since the United States took the lead in using small isolation mounts in the Abani Building in February 1966, Thailand, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, and China have also successively used small isolation mounts in some important buildings. Nowadays, among the base-isolated buildings have been constructed, more than 85% of the buildings use laminated rubber isolation mounts system to resist earthquakes.

The small isolation mounts are not only widely used in bridge construction projects, but also have been used in building bases for seismic sources isolation, earthquake protection as well as the seismic isolation of waterside buildings. The practice has proved that these buildings with small isolation mounts can withstand strong earthquake tests. For example, the Los Angeles earthquake in the United States in January 1992 and the Kobe earthquake in Japan in March 1995, the buildings being used the laminated small isolation mounts system all show the excellent seismic effects, not only the building has not fallen, but the internal facilities have not been damaged.

A lot of experimental results show that the engineering with the small isolation mounts for seismic isolation can not only reduce the damage to the upper structure but also the height limit and safety distance of the building can be relaxed appropriately. On the account of that, the outer surface of the small isolation mounts is a thick rubber layer, the performance of the steel plate and the adhesive rubber layer will not be reduced owing to the influence of the environment. In addition, the durability and flame resistance of the rubber mounts have been proved by many experiments and examples to fully satisfy the requirements for the design life of buildings.

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