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The Difference Between Rubber Shock Isolators and Rubber Vibration Dampening Mounts

The shock absorber industry has developed a lot of shock absorber components. There are more and more rubber shock isolators on the market, and many consumers are picking on them. In the eyes of the layman, it is true that he does not know how to choose, or what the difference is between the names of one word.

For example, the rubber vibration isolator mounts and the rubber shock isolators, generally many people do not understand the difference between them, how to choose the use of methods and occasions.

Rubber shock isolators and rubber shock isolation mounts seem to play the same role, but in fact there are differences, one is to isolate vibration, the other is to reduce vibration, although the role played is similar, but the final effect is often different. In certain environments, tech products vibration isolators must be used. For example, for all kinds of mechanical equipment on land and ship, vibration isolators can be used for horizontal disturbing mechanical equipment.

The Characteristics of Rubber Vibration Dampening Mounts

1. Low natural frequency;
2. With long service life, it can resist oil and water erosion, and will not be affected by temperature;
3. High stability and accurate test data;
4. Easy to process and produce, with little change in characteristics; Rubber vibration and shock absorbing mounts is more effective than other vibration isolation devices at low frequency.

In general, the rubber shock isolators and the rubber vibration dampening mounts are interconnected, but they are different. They are all made of rubber, but with different structures to achieve vibration reduction, but they are excellent shock absorbers in the shock industry. These two components, as pillars of rubber vibration dampening mounts, will play a greater role in all walks of life.

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