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Significance of Industrial Noise Reduction Equipment for Environmental Protection Production

Industrial noise control should be a comprehensive application of a variety of disciplines, including architecture, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, acoustics and other comprehensive disciplines. Industrial noise reduction equipment is becoming more and more popular in modern times. In the process of industrial noise control, how to ensure the normal operation of the equipment without affecting its performance, how to ensure the structural changes of the building without affecting its function, which kind of material is economical and reasonable, which kind of treatment method can achieve the best treatment effect, etc., should be considered comprehensively in the design. Industrial noise reduction equipment can effectively solve the above problems.

Noise control using industrial noise reduction equipment must consider the whole system consisting of noise source, transmission channel and receiver. Noise control measures can be targeted at the following three parts or any one of them.

Control noise sources. In order to reduce noise, industry and transportation can choose low noise production equipment and improve production technology, or change the movement mode of noise source, and use industrial noise reduction equipment (such as using sound insulation and damping materials, vibration isolation and other measures to reduce the vibration of solid vocalizers).

Blocking noise propagation. In the way of sound transmission, reduce noise, control the transmission of noise, change the way of noise transmission, such as using sound-absorbing materials, sound-insulation materials, sound-insulation barriers, vibration isolation and other measures.

Reduce noise in the human ear. When the noise protection of the audiences or organs is unable to take measures in the source and transmission of sound, or when the acoustic measures still fail to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to take protective measures for the audiences or organs. For example, workers exposed to long-term occupational noise can wear earplugs, earmuffs or helmet and other ear protectors.

In the noise treatment of industrial workshop, the combination of sound absorption and sound insulation is generally adopted. The noise pollution problem in production can be solved thoroughly by using industrial noise reduction equipment, which can not only protect workers from noise damage, but also avoid affecting the normal rest of the residents near the factory building. Therefore, it is very necessary to control noise in industrial plant.
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