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Something You Should Know Before Buying a Wire Rope Vibration Isolator


A wire rope vibration isolator is made by winding a wire rope in a spiral shape and fixing it between two metal plates arranged along a nut. Its stiffness and damping depend on the diameter, number of strands, number of turns, winding method and size of the wire rope. It is a new type of vibration isolator with non-linear characteristics and dry friction damping, which uses a steel wire rope wound from multiple strands of steel wire in a certain direction as an elastic element with an obvious hysteresis characteristic. Its ability to dissipate comes from the friction, squeezing and slip between the steel wires.

1. How to install the wire rope vibration isolator?

1) The wire rope vibration isolator should be symmetrical according to the central axis, which can be arranged in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

2) When installing the damping isolator, it, in general, should be fixed with the ground, the inert block or the base with a connecting nut.

3) If it is installed under the base, there should be an engine base in anchored installation. The base and the isolator should be fixed with bolts (with spring washers). Then, the wire rope vibration isolator should be installed on the ground or floor through anchor bolts.

4) The sideline of the wire rope anti vibration mounts shall not exceed the sideline of the inert block while the supporting area of the engine base should not be less than the area of the wire rope anti vibration mounts.

5) The wire rope anti vibration mounts should avoid contact with acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

6) Before the construction and installation, it should be checked in time. During installation, the static compression deformation of the wire rope anti vibration mounts should not exceed the maximum allowable value. Otherwise, it will be damaged and loss its anti-vibration effects.

If you want to know more about choosing a suitable wire rope vibration isolator, please check our wire rope isolator selection guide on our website.

2. Wire rope vibration isolator application

The wire rope anti vibration isolator can be widely used in the market, mainly including the following aspects.

1) Application to noise and vibration reduction on submarines:

The more sensitive anti-submarine monitoring device becomes, the more prominent noise problem of various instruments in the submarine becomes. In order to reduce it, all instruments and equipment that produce noise and vibration are separated from the submarine structure with vibration isolators. The high damping of wire rope vibration isolators can attenuate the transmission of structural noise which have been equipped in many navigation equipment in some submarines, including transmitters, electric printers, tape drives, ventilators and a large number of others. There are many vibration isolation designs for precision electronic equipment in submarines. It can not only reduce the transmission of structural noise, but also reduce the impact of external shock and vibration on the equipment in the boat.

2) Application to missile and its transportation:

A wire rope vibration isolator installed in the box that transports the missile can alleviate external shock and vibration and ensure the safe transportation of the missile. The wire rope vibration isolators are used on some components of the missile to ensure their normal operation. Different kinds of vibration isolators can be flexed according to the needs of the components. The wire rope vibration isolators are used in many places of missiles, including complete missiles, warheads, engines, navigation systems and spacecraft launchers.

3) Transportation of precision instruments:

Wire rope vibration isolators can be successfully used where synthetic rubber cannot be used. For example, when transporting a high-sensitivity calibration experimental device and installing steel wire rope vibration isolators on the four corners of the box instead of rubber ones, the results show that the effect of vibration isolation and buffering is very good. At present, some sensitive scientific instruments are used in very harsh environments. Wire rope vibration isolators can ensure the normal operation of the instruments, such as electronic equipment, video recording equipment and medical equipment, photoelectric code instrument, computer, calibration laboratory equipment, electric starting device, instrument recording and telemetry equipment.

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