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The Features and Main Uses of Rubber Sandwich Mounts

Damping is one of the three fundamental elements that control vibration. However, its performance parameters are difficult to test, and the damping effect is not easy to predict. Therefore, under normal conditions, firstly, the vibration damping control is stopped by adding mass, changing stiffness, installing a vibration isolator or a dynamic vibration absorber. In some special places, damping is required. For example, there are some problems with thin-plate construction shock absorbers that people feel are unpredictable. Damping measures can achieve satisfactory results.

Rubber metal isolators have the following benefits:
It can suppress the vibration peak at the resonant frequency, reduce the transmission of vibration along the structure, and reduce the construction noise. It is worth noting that the damping is most effective for the vibration suppression of the resonance region, and the effect on the non-resonant region is less significant. The existing vibration isolators are all single-degree-of-freedom products, the horizontal stiffness is approximately zero and the damping structure is complex, and the impact resistance is poor. Rubber sandwich metal isolators are primarily developed to solve these problems.

Rubber sandwich mounts have the dual advantages of a low frequency of the metal damper and a large damping of the rubber damper. Separating the advantages of the two points eliminates the phenomenon of amplitude increase of the metal damper resonance, and also deals with the problem of high natural frequency of the rubber damper. It is an ideal product for active and passive vibration isolation. Rubber sandwich metal isolator has a wide load range and strong compliance, and has obvious effects on active vibration isolation, negative vibration isolation and shock isolation. It is a multi-purpose universal vibration isolation product. It is suitable for working environment of -45~+65(°C). It is an ideal vibration damping product for vehicle electronic equipment, shipboard instrumentation, precision instruments and other airborne equipment.

Damping is mainly accomplished by applying the inherent characteristics of the damping material and the rational design of the damping structure.

Damping material is a new type of special material that has been developed in the past ten years. It has been used more and more in many fields. It is a kind of polymer material, which has high damping characteristics when converting modes. That is, it consumes energy when deformed, and it can suppress the peak value of the structure vibration in a wide frequency range.
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