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About the Hazards Caused by Vibration and Noise

With the rapid development of modern industry, all kinds of production machinery and transportation machinery are increasingly developing to high speed, high efficiency, high precision and automation. However, with the increase of the power and speed of the instrument and equipment, the intensity of the vibration source in the engineering practice is increasing, and the damage caused by vibration and noise is becoming more and more prominent. Vibration brings serious harm to operators, precision instruments, machinery and equipment, and building structures. At the same time, the noise and vibration caused by vibration and vibration can’t be ignored in people's living environment and physical and mental health. Therefore, the harm caused by vibration and noise is increasingly valued by researchers in various countries. Vibration and noise are harmful in most cases, and vibration hazards have been recognized internationally as one of the seven major environmental hazards. The hazards caused by vibration and noise can be roughly divided into the following aspects:

(1) The harm of vibration to the human body

When the vibration exceeds a certain intensity, it will damage human health. Long-term in a large vibration and noise environment, people will suffer from insomnia, back pain, back pain, fatigue, weakness, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, gastrointestinal discomfort, and loss of appetite. In addition, people's attention is weakened, and they are prone to mistakes and cause technical accidents. For a long time, people are slow to respond and are prone to physical diseases.

(2) Harm of vibration on building structure

Vibration brings unsafe factors to the building. When vibration is applied to a building, that is, mechanical energy is applied to the structure of the building, the structure of the building will be deformed. The vibration causes the structural deformation to increase, the foundation to sink, and the like. When the vibration frequency is close to or consistent with the frequency of the building structure, the damage will be more serious, and the heavy can collapse the building. When the geological conditions under the equipment foundation are not good, the vibration will cause uneven settlement of the foundation, damage the plant, and the equipment will not work properly.

(3) Producing noise and polluting the environment

At present, the equipment and power are getting bigger and bigger, and the types are becoming more and more diverse. When the vibration generated by the machine is transmitted to the foundation, floor, wall or other structure, it will cause vibration and pass along the building structure to other rooms in the form of elastic waves, causing the adjacent air to vibrate. In this way, the vibration of the object is transmitted by air in all directions in the form of sound waves, resulting in so-called structural noise or solid noise. Although reinforced concrete and metal are good materials for isolating air noise, they do not have much effect on solid noise. Often a small pump can motivate the entire building.

(4) Affect the precision of precision instruments and equipment

Vibration destroys the accuracy, reliability, and sensitivity of precision instruments. If the instrument is placed around a strong source, the vibration will affect it to varying degrees. Vibration can affect the normal operation of instruments and meters. Or it will affect the accuracy of the experimental study reading of the instrument and instrument scale rubber wire rope composite isolators, reducing the measurement accuracy. Seriously, it will also cause various instruments, especially electrical instruments, to malfunction.

Therefore, how to effectively reduce the harm of vibration and noise is a major issue facing the industrial development of all countries in the world today. Vibration control is the most direct way to reduce the vibration and noise hazards in today's engineering practice. Therefore, to control the effects of vibration and noise, research on vibration control technology is indispensable.
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