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The Importance of Ship Vibration Isolator in Ships


The types of equipment that produce vibration in marine equipment are various and dense, including diesel engines, propellers, gear boxes, power stations, air compressors, pumps and other equipment. Vibration caused by ship power equipment is one of the root causes of ship structural fatigue damage, which will affect the service life and safety of ships. Ship vibration is caused by different frequencies and different intensities emitted by the hull of the ship when its own equipment is working, and some are from external winds and waves. How to use vibration reduction measures to reduce the ship structure vibration caused by the vibration source is particularly important.

Ship vibration will bring about the following adverse effects:

① Do harm to human health and work efficiency;

② Not conducive to hull life and structural safety;

③ Not conducive to the normal operation of electromechanical equipment.

Therefore, various effective measures must be taken to isolate the vibration and protect the hull itself and equipment, so the ship vibration isolator came into being.

Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in vibration and noise control. Its main products: vibration isolators, spring vibration isolators, damping vibration isolators, and shock absorbers. Through many years of production experience, the ship vibration isolator we manufactured has a unique shape and round size. It is specially designed for marine and shipbuilding purposes, and can protect precision equipment systems or communication equipment from vibration and impact.

Over the years, our company's scientific and detailed production management and strict quality management have won the trust and praise of our customers with stable quality, reasonable product prices, timely delivery and warm and thoughtful service.

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