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The Importance of Vibration Isolators in Elevator Operation


With the increasing number of high-rise buildings, elevators have become necessary for people. However, the noise produced by the elevator during operation will affect the surrounding environment and the lives of residents. Vibration isolators are needed at this time.

Everyone knows that elevator noise is caused by vibration. For this reason, we need to do the noise reduction of the elevator components, and analyze the characteristics of elevator vibration. On the one hand, seek for vibration reduction facilities that match the vibration frequency of the elevator components, and strive to reduce the disturbance vibration. On the other hand, reduce the vibration energy of the elevator.

We use vibration isolators for noise reduction and vibration isolation, such as using spring shock absorbers to dampen vibrations to solve low-frequency vibrations. Taking into account the requirement of eliminating vibration energy, implanting resonant materials in the spring can eliminate the energy in a resonance manner. Of course, it is also possible to use macromolecular rubber vibration isolation pads and rubber shear vibration isolators for vibration isolation treatment. After the vibration isolator is processed, the noise problem of the elevator can be solved very well, and it can restore a quiet environment to everyone.

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