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The Important Role of Fan Vibration Isolators on the Draught Fan


Fans are widely used in factory production and daily lives. However, sometimes we find that when the fans work at home or in the factory, they make big noise due to fans' mechanical birr and high-speed operation of centrifugal fans. Such noise affects surroundings and causes certain harm to human bodies.

Therefore, vibration sensation and noise caused by fans' high-speed operation must be solved. Fan vibration isolators can solve the above problems, so they are popular among enterprises in the Chinese market. By separating the fan from the floor through a shock absorber, fan vibration isolators can find solutions to various problems caused by fan vibration. They can effectively prevent vibration sensation from spreading to the floor, block out vibration sources, and reduce vibration.

The main raw materials of fan vibration isolators can be divided into special reinforced nylon and nodular cast iron. The raw material of special reinforced nylon is nylon reinforced fiber with high strength. Nylon material can stand corrosion and UV, pass the strict aging test, and have good quality and increased safety. Nodular cast iron has good weather resistance after hot galvanizing, it is lightweight, firm, easy to install, and suitable for various mechanical shock absorbers. Springs are processed by heat treatment, ED rust prevention, baking varnish, and other procedures. Load deflection at 25mm and 40mm can effectively eliminate the vibration of mechanical structures. Nylon material works at temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. Fan vibration isolators are usually under vibration damper plate and fan steel support. The vibration damper plate is a reinforced concrete plate that can make fan vibration isolators under uniform strength. The quantity of fan vibration isolators shall be determined by fans' air volume, more than four pieces in general.

Fan vibration isolators shall be selected by dynamic calculation. The quantity and model specifications of fans' dampers shall not be altered randomly. Fan vibration isolators can realize a high effect of vibration reduction on fan units and meet noise reduction demands.

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