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Typical Application of Wire Rope Vibration Isolator


1. Application of noise reduction and vibration reduction on submarine

As the anti-submarine monitoring device becomes more and more sensitive, the noise problem of various instruments in the submarine becomes more and more prominent. In order to reduce noise, all instruments and equipment that produce noise and vibration are separated from the submarine structure with vibration isolators. The high damping of wire rope isolators can attenuate the transmission of structural noise. For example, some submarines, transmitters, electric printers, tape drives, ventilators and a large number of other navigation equipment are equipped with wire vibration isolators. There are many vibration isolation designs for precision electronic equipment in submarines. It not only reduces the transmission of structural noise, but also reduces the impact of external shock and vibration on the equipment inside the boat.

2. Application in missile transport and application on missile

Installing a wire rope vibration isolator in the box that transports the missile can alleviate external shock and vibration and ensure the safe transport of the missile. The wire rope vibration isolator is used on certain components of the missile to ensure that these components work properly. Different vibration isolators can be flexible according to the needs of the components. Missile wire rope vibration isolators are commonly used in complete missiles, warheads, engines, navigation systems, and spacecraft launchers.

3. Transportation of precision instruments

Wire rope vibration isolators can be successfully used in places where synthetic rubber cannot be used. For example, when transporting a high-sensitivity calibration experimental device, steel wire rope vibration isolators are installed in the four corners of the box instead of rubber vibration isolators, indicating that the vibration isolation and buffering effect is very good. At present, some sensitive scientific instruments are used in very harsh environments. The wire rope vibration isolator can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, such as electronic equipment, video equipment and medical equipment, computers, calibration experimental equipment, electric starting devices, meter recording and telemetry equipment.

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