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What Are the Advantages of Large Load Shock Absorbers?


Ⅰ. What is large load shock absorber?

The large load shock absorber is a special kind of shock absorber. The biggest feature is that it is large. The reason for it is that it is generally used in building construction and bridges. Therefore, the requirements for this type of shock absorber are relatively high. The shape should also meet the needs of the purpose. But not only is its large appearance, its other real advantage is its large function!

Ⅱ. Features of large-load shock absorber:

1. Large damping;

2. Large load;

3. Absorb impact energy;

4. Not afraid of high and low temperature environment;

5. Not easy to age;

6. No creep

Therefore, the large-load shock absorber is very suitable for the use of building vibration isolation, bridge overpass anti-shock mount, or large-load equipment vibration isolation and vibration reduction, because it has one characteristic: large! 

To put it simply, the internal structure of metal rubber materials is a spatial network of macromolecular linkages similar to the rubber polymer structure formed by interlacing thin metal wire turns. This gives it elastic plastic properties similar to rubber. When subjected to a load, due to the friction, slippage, squeezing and deformation between the thin metal wire turns, a large amount of energy can be dissipated and play the role of a large damping viscoelastic material. This shock absorber material has high static and dynamic strength. By selecting different metal rubber vibration isolator wires, it can be applied under non-corrosive and non-high temperature conditions, and can also work normally in high temperature and corrosive harsh environments. 

The shelf life is not limited, and the large-load shock absorber will not produce volatile substances. It does not evaporate in the space environment, is not afraid of space radiation and particle impact, and can be used in a high vacuum environment. And the service life of metal rubber is very long, avoiding the trouble of frequent replacement of rubber products that are not durable!

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