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What Factors should be Considered when Choosing a Vibration Isolator?


Information about the correct selection, installation requirements, and use of vibration isolators can be obtained from the manufacturer. Some basic things to consider include:

1.The size of the equipment whose vibration is isolated by vibration isolator

The load range of some vibration isolation materials may limit the choice of vibration isolator.

2.The nature of the isolated dynamic excitation by vibration isolator

Dynamic force is defined as periodic, random or transient (impact), and its amplitude, direction and frequency are also important factors that determine the type of vibration isolation system. For example, for isolating machines that generate 5 Hz dynamic force, elastic isolators will not be the right choice, but air springs may be a better choice.

3.Vibration allowed by vibration isolator

This will define the required vibration isolation efficiency. Based on this standard, several options may be removed from the consideration list.

4.Working environment of vibration isolator

Extreme temperatures and corrosive environments will remove some isolator types from the consideration list. For example, for applications that require operation at very high temperatures in a corrosive environment, a special stainless steel spiral cable vibration isolator may be a better choice than a standard metal spiral spring. Certain environments either reduce the physical integrity of the vibration isolator or change its operating characteristics.

5. Movement restrictions on vibration isolator

The flexibility of the vibration isolation spring may cause very large movements of the isolated equipment, especially when the rotation speed of the equipment passes the natural frequency of the spring during the shutdown process, a braking device or other safety stops may be necessary. During normal operation, the safety stop should not short-circuit the vibration isolation system.

6.Weight and center of gravity of the equipment whose vibration is isolated by vibration isolator

It is recommended that the distance between the vibration isolation plane and the center of gravity of the vibration isolation equipment should be equal to or less than one-third of the distance between the vibration isolators.

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