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Which Anti Vibration Mounts Factory is Trustworthy?


Since the 1970s, the anti-vibration mounts technology has been applied to the construction of bridges, highways, and railways. The contact deformation, friction, and vibration attenuation that occur in temporary fasteners and permanent joints have a vital impact on the dynamic characteristics of machines and equipment. The anti-vibration mounts are a newly designed product that can provide excellent vibration attenuation of medium to high frequency and are specifically used to reduce the noise generated by military applications.

Compared with the wire rope isolators, the anti vibration mounts are small and exquisite, so there is no need to worry about space constraints. They are suitable for outdoor use with their metal shells and their material are rubber elastic elements that will not be easily damaged. Furthermore, they can also be used in very narrow spaces to meet the environmental requirements of the installation. In this case, this new type of anti-vibration mounts is an ideal choice for restricted space in some special situations.

The anti-vibration mounts can be specially used in helicopters, motors, embedded electronic products, automobiles, alternators, air compressors, mechanical equipment, construction, household appliances, aviation, office facilities, testing machines, and many other precision equipment and systems. They are also often used to load heavy machinery to reduce impact and noise.

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