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Wire Rope Isolator with Great Function

Wire rope isolator is divided into active vibration isolation and passive vibration isolation. Active vibration isolation is that the sensor senses the vibration pressure signal, then converts it into an electrical signal and transmits it to the actuator, which outputs the force in the opposite direction to offset the vibration. Active vibration isolation can reduce the low-frequency and high-frequency vibration, especially for the low-frequency, the effect of vibration isolation is far better than the passive vibration isolation;

Passive vibration isolation uses the physical properties of elastic materials such as springs, inflatable platforms, rubber and other objects to reduce the vibration. It can reduce the high frequency vibration above 20Hz, and has little effect on the low frequency vibration.

When the amplitude of excitation and impact is large enough, internal friction occurs between each strand of wire rope isolator, which is opposite to the movement direction of wire rope, thus consuming a lot of energy, and attenuating the vibration and impact strength; when the amplitude of vibration is small, the strands of wire rope are screwed together due to friction without relative sliding, so as to show good linear elasticity and maintain the stability of the system. Therefore, wire rope isolator is suitable for the complex and changeable conditions of vibration and impact, and its adaptive ability is particularly strong. It can effectively avoid strong resonance and impact, so as to play a role of buffer and vibration isolation.

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