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30G Shock Vibration Insulation GH-60A Wire Isolator

Wire rope isolators are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable threaded through aluminum retaining bars that are mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation.

The spring function is created by the elasticity inherent in the flexing of a cable preformed into a loop. The damping function is the result of the relative friction between the cable's individual wire and strands. The cables, which are made of stainless steel, had the characteristics of superb water-proof, corrosion resistance and steady in use.

With the oval type rubber pad in, combined tightly with the wire rope rolled around the mounting bars, this GX-N model has perfect performance in anti-shock. Even in the extreme environment under the huge shock, the GX-N model vibration isolator can always be superb steady.

The nominal load of GX-60AN is 0N (6.12kg).

Nowadays, the GX-N series isolators are used widely in the field of highway transportation, marine, ship borne, navy, photographic equipment, aerial equipment, communication apparatus, electronic sensing devices, mobile electronic devices, cameras or any other needed working conditions.

60a Isolator 60a Isolator 60a Isolator
  • Model Number Code Ordering of GX-60AN:

    Model Number Code Ordering of GX-60AN:
  • Structural Diagram Of GX-60AN:

    Structural Diagram Of GX-60AN:
  • Technical Parameter Of GX-60AN:

    Technical Parameter Of GX-60AN:
  • Dimension of GX-60AN:

    Dimension of GX-60AN:
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