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100G GX-N Series Wire Rope Shock Isolator for Armored Cars/Electric Cabinet/Military Vehicles

Overview of GX-N 100g Military Defense Vibration Isolators

GX-N 100G military defense vibration isolators (heavy duty vibration mounts/heavy duty vibration isolators) is total different from the GH series. With oval rubber pad in, the big impact shock of this model can be up to 100G. The nominal load of GX-N is from 10N (1.02 kg) to 60N (6.12 kg).

With the oval type rubber pad in, combined tightly with the wire rope rolled around the mounting bars, this GX-N model has perfect performance in anti-shock. Even in the extreme environment under the huge shock, the GX-N model vibration isolators can always be superb steady.

The low efficiency of side direction of the GX-N series has improved much in this new product, which can be used in any exquisite equipment or systems which require for noise attenuation.

With the characteristic of anti-shock of 100G, the GX-N vibration isolators is especially recommended for the use of reducing vibration shock in the field of military defense. Like land system, rocket missile system, ballistic protection system, air defense system, naval system, precision guided missiles, fuze system,  test capabilities, motor drive, etc.

Besides, the GX-N 100G military defense vibration isolators can also be used widely in the field of highway transportation, marine, ship borne, navy, photographic equipment, aerial equipment, communication apparatus, electronic sensing devices, mobile electronic devices, cameras or any other needed working conditions.

Synthesis Of High Damping Reinforced Isolators

At present, all kinds of equipment for isolation and shock absorption include various combinations of steel - lead - rubber bearings, soft steel dampers, oil dampers and lead extrusion dampers, which usually use different materials with different characteristics to be manufactured and assembled, and the production process is complex. In addition, this type of isolator is suitable for different types of houses, bridges and building structures.

Therefore, according to the characteristics of equipment isolation, the development of special isolation materials is the foundation of equipment isolation research. In order to effectively absorb and dissipate the vibration energy transmitting to equipment and improve the energy dissipation effect of the system, the materials developed should have a certain initial stiffness and large deformation and  energy dissipation capacity, in order to not only have the required bearing capacity but also achieve the effect of isolation and energy dissipation. In addition, it should also be suitable for China's national conditions and has the characteristics of low cost and high quality. It should also meet the requirements of oil resistance, heat resistance and mild aging under different working conditions of equipment.

To this end, through repeated tests, screening formula, with rubber as the base material and supplemented by special filler and processing aids, use inflation molding process, through mixing, inflatable molding, vulcanization and other processing steps to form a new type of high damping enhanced isolation material. Inside this special material, there are a uniform distribution of pores, and the combination of special filler and rubber base is a combination of physics and chemistry, forming a three-dimensional reticulation structure with the following characteristics:

1. The mechanical properties of materials can meet different requirements by adjusting the recipe control of fillers and auxiliaries.

2. The three-dimensional reticulation structure increases the damping value of the material. In the static state, the structure is stable. In the dynamic state, the structure reduces the modulus of the material because of the cumulative damage, which is beneficial to the dynamic isolation requirement especially under the condition of large deformation.

3. The special filler has the effect of absorption and energy dissipation. It absorbs kinetic energy and convert it into heat energy and at the same time convert the material, which not only increases the dynamic damping value, but also reduces the elastic modulus of the material.

Typical shear - shear displacement curve

The typical shear - shear displacement curve of the material is as shown in the figure, which can be expressed by bilinear model and the mechanical properties of the material can be obtained by adjusting the gradation and processing technology of the raw materials.

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