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Marine Wire Rope Vibration Mounts

Advantages of Marine Wire Rope Vibration Mounts (GRY Series)

Vibration mounts are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable threaded through aluminum retaining bars that are mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation. With the corrosion resistant, all-metal construction, the GRY marine shipbuilding vibration mounts are environmentally stable, high-performance shock and vibration isolators that are unaffected by temperature extremes, chemicals, oils, ozone, and abrasives.

The GRY marine shipbuilding vibration mount (stainless steel vibration mounts) is made by the 30 loops different diameter wire rope winded in the two mounting bars. The max static load of the GRY series wire isolation mount is from 5N (0.51kg) to 250N (25.51kg).

With unique out-looking and round size, the marine vibration mounts are designed especially for marine and shipbuilding use. In order to protect the precision equipment system or communication equipment from the harm of vibration and shock.

Besides, the GRY series marine shipbuilding vibration mount / wire rope mount can also be widely used in the field of military vehicles, armored cars, missile, launcher, energy, photographic equipment or any other needed working conditions.

The research of GS2 wire rope isolator maximum impact load

Various equipment always suffers impact damage widely when ships are subjected to the explosion.

The most efficient and convenient way to improve the ability of impact resistance for marine equipment is installing shock absorber with good shock resistance between hull and equipment. However, the main mechanical equipment in China mainly takes common vibration isolators as shock isolators and it focuses on vibration isolation function in usual when it is suffering impulse load, its impact energy will turn into potential energy with greater elasticity in a slower form.

At present, there is more extensive research about the vibration isolation performance parameters of the anti vibration isolators while the research about impact performance is defective. Some data that is used for construction is always on the basis of its low dynamic behavior, so there is always big errors. Especially, the research about wire rope isolators maximum impact load of marine is not enough, there is no systematic research basically in China.

At present, according to Ross vibration isolation element limit assessment standard, it adopts 15 times the amount of load or infinitesimal vibration isolators to stretch to 60 mm as element limit assessment standard. But this standard cannot reflect the performance of the isolation element impact roundly. For example, small deformation limit vibration isolation element with 15 times rated load means bad strong impact isolation effect, it may cause the damage to isolated equipment. 60 mm infinitesimal vibration isolators stretch under strong impact may have the tensile failure. Therefore, it is very important to judge the limit load of the vibration isolators reasonably.
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