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Military Wire Rope Vibration Isolator

This defense vibration isolators / wire isolator are now widely used in the field of military vehicles, armored cars, missile, launcher, highway transportation, marine, shipbuilding, navy, energy, photographic equipment, aerial equipment, communication apparatus, electronic sensing devices, mobile electronic devices, cameras or any other needed working conditions.

Application of Steel Wire Isolator in Vibration and Impact Isolation Design for Large Mechanical Equipment

At present, common steel wire isolators consist of spiral isolators, arch isolators, and ringlike isolators, all of which are made of stainless steel wire ropes twined or curved. Their common advantages are the three-direction protection to the equipment, reliable working in high temperature and harsh environments, a wide bearing range, unlimited storage and service life. In terms of impact resistance, it can achieve maximum impact weakening in minimum space, and its vertical allowable deformation can reach 40 - 60% of the height of isolator.

In foreign countries, it is used in the transportation of some equipment instead of the impact resistance packaging of original plastics and rubber. It is also used for rocket and missile carriers. In terms of shipping, it has passed the test of light impact machine, heavy impact machine and floating impact platform, which meets the requirements of M IL-S-901 and M IL-STD-167. The steel wire isolator has good durability, and they have carried out 150-hour and seven million tests on an isolator with a rope diameter of 24mm at an amplitude of 13Hz and + 1.5m m, and the isolator remained unscathed. They also carried out a sweep vibration test high to 10kHz on an isolator with a rope diameter of 1.5mm inputting 25g.

The vibration isolation effect is 95% which proved that the steel wire isolator can isolate small amplitude and structural noise. The steel wire isolator is also widely used in vibration and shock isolation in our country, such as equipment, instruments, control boxes and so on. Some occasions originally adopting rubber isolators are replaced by steel wire isolators. However, there are few applications in the vibration isolation design of mechanical equipment, the main reason is that the steel wire isolator has great nonlinear, and the dynamic performance is difficult to be mastered by the user, so that the ideal isolation effect cannot be achieved.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the surrounding space and the chassis rigidity of the units permit, we always want to use as few vibration isolators as possible. Because large steel wire isolator has a low natural frequency, it is easy to get a good vibration isolation effect and allow large impact displacement.

The design Process of Defense Vibration Isolators

The wire rope isolator design process of the above converter units shows that the rated load of the nonlinear vibration isolator is not the only basis for the selection of the isolator. It only shows the maximum loading capacity of the isolator in the long-term safe working. The nominal natural frequency of the nonlinear vibration isolator is also given under a specific amplitude condition, which can not be directly used to evaluate the vibration isolation effect of the vibration isolation system.

It is necessary to give full consideration to its nonlinear when designing and make it meet the two requirements of vibration and impact simultaneously. Only in this way is a complete design process, and the advantages of steel wire isolator can be reflected. Due to the selection of the appropriate vibration isolation scheme for the above converter units, the acceleration vibration level difference of the isolator reaches 20~24 dB, and the impact acceleration acting on the units is also reduced from 24 g to 3.8g. Moreover, the isolator has enough allowable deformation to meet the design requirements.

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