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Working Principle of Wire Rope Anti Vibration Mounts


Wire rope anti-vibration mounts are widely used in equipment in the fields of ships, vehicles, aviation, electronics, and engineering, which can meet the shock mitigation and vibration isolation of the vibration isolation system so that the equipment can play the role of energy absorption and noise reduction when subjected to vibration and impact in the external field, so as to protect the normal operation of the equipment.

The working principle of the wire rope vibration isolator is as follows:

When equipment is installed with a wire rope anti-vibration mount, if it vibrates and be impacted due to the external environment, the wire rope anti vibration mount will be freely stretched, clipped as well as deformed with the vibration and impact and it will produce a certain displacement. The displacement will cause the friction and relative movement of the wire ropes, making the strands of steel wires between the wire ropes to be rubbed and twisted due to external forces, so that kinetic energy will convert into a part of heat energy, which will consume part of the energy generated by vibration and impact.

In addition, when the equipment is subjected to a large impact that causes the plastic deformation of wire rope anti vibration mounts, its triangular structure is much better than the spiral structure of the wire rope anti-vibration mount and it will not cause the phenomenon of "bottoming out", avoiding the violent vibration of the equipment due to the "bottoming out", which effectively guarantees the normal operation of the equipment and improves the safety of the equipment under the effect of shock isolation.

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