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Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., Ltd.
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Your Professional & Reliable Partner.
Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co. Ltd., a special manufacture of wire rope vibration isolators, provide quality energy absorption and vibration isolation solutions to a variety of heavy industry. With more than 14 years professional experience in manufacturing , designing and researching, our products cover a wide range, which includes all kinds of vibration isolators, vibration mounts, aerospace spaceflight aviation aircraft products & accessories, shipbuilding products & accessories, military defense ...
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China Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., Ltd. HIGH QUALITY
Trust Seal, Credit Check, RoSH and Supplier Capability Assessment. company has strictly quality control system and professional test lab.
China Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., Ltd. DEVELOPMENT
Internal professional design team and advanced machinery workshop. We can cooperate to develop the products you need.
China Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., Ltd. MANUFACTURING
Advanced automatic machines, strictly process control system. We can manufacture all the Electrical terminals beyond your demand.
China Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., Ltd. 100% SERVICE
Bulk and customized small packaging, FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP. Let us help you find the best solution for all your concerns.

quality Wire Rope Vibration Isolator & Circular Wire Rope Isolators manufacturer

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