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  • Military Wire Rope Vibration Isolator
    Military Wire Rope Vibration Isolator This wire rope isolators are now widely used in the field of military vehicles, armored cars, missile, launcher, highway transportation, marine, shipbuilding, navy, energy, photographic equipment, etc.
  • Multi-Application Wire Rope Vibration Isolator
    Multi-Application Wire Rope Vibration Isolator Hoan multi-application wire rope isolator is used widely in the field of RC car, camera drone, UAV camera, video, military vehicles, highway transportation, marine, shipbuilding, navy, energy, etc.
  • Marine Wire Rope Vibration Mounts
    Marine Wire Rope Vibration Mounts Vibration mounts are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable threaded through aluminum retaining bars that are mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation.
Company Profile
Company Profile Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co. Ltd., headquartered in China, Xi'an city, founded in 2005, is a premier supplier of Industry Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation Products. With nearly 13 years professional trip in manufacturing, designing, and researching, our products are widely used at some stage in the world area of industry, electronics, aeronautics and space, army defense, shipbuilding, transportation, energy, UAV camera, and rail, etc.

We offer a number range of vibration isolation products, to create the perfect safer and higher safety in opposition to the harm of vibration and shock you are worrying. Our range sorts of standard and custom vibration isolation products win us the precise reputation of top quality, speedy transport time, professional technical assist and service.

Honor Certificates
Honor Certificates
Factory Show
Factory Show
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Technique Help
Our Engineers provide professional technical help to meet all customers' needs and requirements.
After-sale Service
We will provide our vibration isolation products with great pre-sales and after-sales service.
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